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Four Benefits of a Personal Fitness Trainer

by Ashleigh Quint

I understand the mindset, I really do. On one hand, it can be difficult to convince yourself that a personal trainer is something you can afford. After all, when it comes down to it, you can exercise for free and on your own, right?

Well, yes, you can. And I’m not here to guilt you into the idea that you simply must hire a personal trainer if you absolutely don’t hold the cash flexibility to make it feasible. I get that money can be tight.

But, if you have a few dollars to spare and invest in your health and success, I truly believe that hiring a personal fitness trainer in Westerville or Columbus, Ohio is one of the most beneficial routes you can take to achieving your goals and the body and endurance you want.

And that expense? Well, I’ll always be bluntly honest with you. Some people use their investment as an extra motivational tool. Seriously, if you’re committed financially to a fitness goal, you want to make plenty sure that you don’t waste that money, right? You’ll keep the cost in mind when your brain is trying to convince you to skip a workout for the day.

Here are a few more reasons I love my profession and what we do to help people:

Accountability: Having someone to answer to and who will “hold your feet to the fire” can be a fantastic motivator for many people, especially when they “hit a wall” and find themselves struggling to move to a new level of fitness. Seriously, back in our elementary school days, would any of us have ever done our homework without knowing that the teacher would hold us accountable the next day? The same principle applies here.

Knowledge: Personal trainers don’t exist simply to yell at you like some crazed Ohio State football coach. We instruct our clients how to properly utilize the equipment and gain the most from each exercise. It’s about allowing you to really benefit from each workout session, saving you time and making sure the muscles achieve a real workout. In addition to packing a powerful punch into a small amount of time, this makes sure you see results and keeps you focused on working hard.

Injury Prevention: Whether you’re an athlete trying to avoid injuries from your sport, or a Mom in Worthington eager to keep away from aggravating a delicate back, good personal fitness trainers in Columbus hold the education and experience necessary to keep you intact and pain-free. Again, working out on your own without knowledge of how an exercise can aggravate your body is a surefire way to hurt yourself and bring your fitness regimen to a screeching halt.

Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance: I would never suggest that a personal fitness trainer in Westerville or elsewhere should advise you on health or medical issues that must only be dealt with by a physician. But, as we get to know you and your lifestyle and stresses, we can point you toward some good options to both maintain and grow a healthy lifestyle.

The bottom line is that a good personal fitness trainer should be dedicated to more than simply getting you in shape just one time. Whether you want to run in the Columbus Marathon, kick butt in your men’s hockey league at the Dublin Chiller, or just look great while you stroll the Gallery Hop in the Short North, my role is to help you maintain fitness for the rest of your life and learn what does and doesn’t work for your unique situation.