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Poliquin Performance Powers Westerville and Columbus

by Ashleigh Quint

You’ve probably noticed that we focus quite a bit on the Poliquin Performance Program and the fact that I am certified through the Poliquin International Certification program and also trained and certified as a Bio Signature Practitioner Level One and Level Two.

So I thought I should supply you with a little background on who and what Poliquin Performance is all about.

Charles Poliquin is a 53-year-old native of Ottawa, Ontario who originally became interested in weight training through the influence of his karate sensei. While working on his Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, Poliquin began a career as strength coach, and has since trained numerous Olympic and professional athletes.

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In the late 1990s, Poliquin founded Poliquin Performance, opening the first Poliquin Performance Center in Phoenix, Arizona in 2001, and the Poliquin Strength Institute in East Greenwich, Rhode Island in 2009.

During this time, he began an initiative to certify coaches in the Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP), which includes a body hormone profiling method, which he invented, called BioSignature Modulation, a topic that I’ve written about in a previous blog post here.

He’s authored several books including his first, The Poliquin Principles, a work that formatted a basic summation of his training methods.

The Poliquin™ International Certification Program (PICP™) was designed to internationally recognize strength coaches who demonstrate the knowledge and skills to effectively train athletes worldwide. The program provides coaches and trainers with serious skills in teaching methodology, client assessments and program design.

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For most of 2003, I had the great opportunity to take part in a strength & conditioning internship and mentorship program under Charles Poliquin at the Poliquin Performance Center in Tempe, Arizona.

It’s an understatement to say that I loved it, benefited greatly, and really came to understand the exquisite principles at play in the Poliquin approach. Over the years, I’ve followed up on that initial experience by achieving certification and training in a number of Poliquin programs and it has become a large and vital part of what we teach and train here at Uplift Fitness.

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Charles has a new initiative underway called “Strength Sensei” which is a combination of his expertise in strength training and the background in karate that first inspired him to develop the Poliquin Performance and Certification Programs.

He’s done an exceptional job in training numerous Olympic and professional athletes, including a number of National Hockey League players. Here’s what one of the most respected NHL defensemen of all time – Chris Pronger – has to say about Poliquin:

“Training under Charles was a career changing move. Besides increasing my strength and my flexibility he improved dramatically my speed and endurance. This all lead to reaching my goal of being the best defenseman in the National Hockey League.“

Pronger is a three time member of the Canadian Olympic Ice Hockey Team, and the first winner of both the Norris and Hart trophies since Bobby Orr in 1972. He’s also a Triple Gold Club Member (winner of an Olympic Games gold medal, a World Championship gold medal, and the Stanley Cup).

If you’d like to learn more about Charles, his background, the Poliquin Performance program, and his new initiative, I’ve provided a couple of links below.

And, if you’d like to learn more about putting the Poliquin program to work for your overall health and performance, contact us here at Uplift Fitness for more detailed information.

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