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The importance of meditation in your health

At Uplift Fitness, you’ll notice we focus on a “holistic” approach to fitness and wellness. So, what exactly does “holistic” mean as we apply it to a new and healthier you? It simply points out that we realize fitness is as much about the mind as the body and our efforts are targeted on strengthening each to help the other.

The mind is a wonderful tool that can play a vital part in your happiness, well-being, and in achieving your fitness goals. To that end, we recommend personal meditation at Uplift Fitness to help you learn how to quiet your mind and focus it on playing a big part in your overall well-being.

Meditation is something that may seem to be a bit “woo-woo” to some people and I could go on and on about the many reasons why we, as a culture, have made a big mistake in not making meditation a large part of our lives.

But, the simple fact is that people are slowly beginning to understand the amazing health benefits that come from a disciplined approach to meditation. So, I thought I’d outline a few of the impressive ways that doctors and researchers are learning how meditation enhances physical health.

(Note: It’s important to distinguish between the spiritual or religious elements of meditation. While some religions do use meditation as a spiritual practice, that in no way precludes others from approaching meditation in Westerville from a purely secular and health-focused stance.)

Meditation classes in Westerville, Ohio

Studies on meditation have shown it to improve health by minimizing symptoms of back pain, improving attention-related abilities (alertness, focusing, and prioritizing), and relieving asthma symptoms.

Meditation also induces relaxation, slows breathing, and is known to help correct depression in those who suffer from that medical illness. Even the U.S. Marine Corps began implementing in 2012 what it calls “Mind Fitness Training” to help troops minimize stress and increase their mental performance.

An article by the Washington Times declares that the Marine program “draws on a growing body of scientific research indicating that regular meditation alleviates depression, boosts memory and the immune system, shrinks the part of the brain that controls fear and grows the areas of the brain responsible for memory and emotional regulation.”

When you’re seeking personal fitness training in Columbus, Ohio or holistic health options in Westerville, Ohio, we encourage you to be a part of our work at Uplift Fitness – a place where we’re all about strengthening the mind and body. Contact us for information on all of our classes about fitness groups and training and how we approach health from all angles.