Our Training

Individual Personal Training

Our approach to strength training is base on the whole individual. We believe in establishing a baseline and learning the structural balance alignment of every client to achieve maximum success. All our personal training programs are uniquely designed based on strengths and weaknesses of the individual and are customized to fit your current level of fitness. Our staff will provide you with expert instruction, program design, and education. All individual sessions are one-on-one with a certified personal trainer.

Partner Personal Training

Partner workouts are an enjoyable form of working out where you and a friend(s) can share the hour and still receive customized program designs to meet your individual needs. Clients will learn how to exercise effectively in a small private setting.

Student Personal Training

This program is intended for high school and collegiate level athletes. Workout programs are based on the goals of the individual athlete in their off-season, in-season or pre-season preparation. One-on-one sessions focus on optimal performance within the specified sport and reducing the risk for injury.

Youth Training

It is never too early to start. These group sessions are geared for 8-12 year old athletes. All youth athletes will be placed with friends, currently at the same fitness level, to develop the importance of the exercise, fine tune large motor skills and increase awareness of healthy habits in the early years.

Group Personal Training

Group personal training is where two to three individuals with similar fitness and strength training goals, train together for the hour. UPLIFT’s goal is for group training sessions is to educate our clients on how to exercise safely and effectively for life, still based on our philosophy of having individualized strength training programs for the individual in the group. We believe clients who train with a partner or in a small group will be more committed to their personal training appointments knowing another client(s) is training with them. Group training makes individuals more accountable and dedicated to each other when sharing a personal training hour.

Program Design

UPLIFT’s program design is a easy way for you to utilize the experience we have in customizing workout programs that you can do on your own time. Program design enables UPLIFT to write workout programs utilizing the information that was gathered from the structural balance testing along with your personal goals. By creating custom programs, UPLIFT is able to continue pushing you to your highest potential. Program design includes workouts and either video or picture of the exercises, for you to learn how to properly put yourself through your workouts.

Program design with a trainer includes an UPLIFT personal trainer putting you through your workout to enable you to ask questions and better understand the exercises, sets, and reps.